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Payday Loans USA – How to Get One?

Payday Loan America is a new online lending service that allows you to receive money on your bank card in a few minutes. Our main difference from banks is that we issue loans exclusively online, and customers can leave a request on our website at any time, wherever they are. In the case when you really need money, you can always count on our service. USA Payday Loans tries to be loyal to its customers and help everyone who needs urgent financial assistance.

It is no coincidence that online lending is becoming increasingly popular in our country. Instant credit will help to solve financial difficulties. The new online lending service provides instant loan on any bank card.

Payday Loans USA online – What Do You Need?

You need to provide a photo with a passport in hand. This is necessary to identify the borrower.

The photo that you will provide to US Payday Loans to receive a loan must be well defined and focused without defects. Photos are not allowed in sun-protection glasses, in a headdress, with the image of strangers in the background, black and white. Your gaze should be directed to the camera lens.

If you are using an ID card to apply for a loan, then you need to provide your face next to the front of the ID card.

What credit card information is required? All necessary data are indicated on the card itself: card number (16 digits on the front side), validity period (month and year) and CVV2 code (3 digits on the back of the card).

Card requirements:

  1. The card must be issued by any bank in our country;
  2. The card issued must be on an individual;
  3. currency of the card in US dollars;
  4. it should not be a card for social payments;
  5. the card must support the function of online payments;
  6. The card must expire no earlier than three months later.

Applying Online for a Payday Loan

Register on the site

To get an online loan from Cash Loan USA, you need to register on the company’s website, enter your personal data in the questionnaire form, then read the Credit Rules and accept the terms of the Agreement, as well as agree to the processing of your personal data.

Choose the amount and term of the loan

On the main page of our site you can use a loan calculator, with which you can select the desired amount and loan term, then click the "Get a loan" button and go to the "Application Form" window. If you have already used the online lending service from Cash Loans USA, you can make subsequent requests in your personal account.

Make a loan application

When you first contact the USA Cash Loan online lending service, you need to fill out a loan application and add the bank card information to which you want to receive a loan. After that, our system will process the received data and send the decision on the application to your personal account.

Pass verification of a bank card

To verify your bank account, you should go through the verification of a bank card to make sure that you own the specified bank card. To do this, the amount of up to $1 will be blocked on your account and after successful verification of the card, this amount will be unlocked. The whole process takes place automatically and takes several minutes.

Get the money

After processing your loan application and successfully verifying the card, a notification of a loan decision will be sent to your phone number and email address. After you sign a loan agreement in your account, the money will be automatically transferred to your card.

Why Choose Our Service for Cash Advance USA?

Easy loan processing

Without leaving your home, you have the opportunity to apply for a loan within 10 minutes. Filling out a questionnaire is quite simple, thanks to the convenient interface of our credit service. After completing the registration procedure and subsequent approval by the moderator, you can guarantee count on getting a loan, which you will be notified by SMS or email. When filling out an application for a loan, consider your financial capabilities and solvency.

Save time to get an online loan

No need to look for a bank with the best loan offer and wait your turn. It takes less than 10 minutes to get a loan since the system works automatically.

Independence and Loyalty

An online loan can be issued at anytime and anywhere, having access to the Internet or from a smartphone. Besides, you have the opportunity to monitor the status of your loan in your account.

Having a good credit history, our service offers regular customers discounts and benefits for re-receiving financial resources. With each new loan, the amount increases from $500 to $15,000 depending on the state. When you apply again, the procedure is even more simplified - you only need to make a couple of clicks.

Transparency in obtaining an online loan

Using the calculator on the site, you can immediately see the accrued interest rate and the final amount of payments. Also, you can choose your own convenient repayment option by adjusting the loan size and repayment term.

The Payday Loans Advance America service works transparently and clearly - no masked commissions, additional interest, and mandatory write-offs. You always know what you pay for.

Minimum Documents

To apply for a loan, an ID and is sufficient (income and employment certificates are not needed).


Many banks provide loans for specific purposes. Our service will provide you an online loan for any purpose: for repairs, recreation, the purchase of furniture, telephone, etc.

Convenient loan repayment

Repaying an online loan is very simple: the money is transferred from your card to the lender's account, through a terminal or bank cash desk.


Clients from 18-65 years old can take advantage of financial assistance, regardless of status. There are no restrictions, both for pensioners and students and the unemployed (age, a region of residence, guarantors are not considered). Each person in the specified age category can receive the required amount in debt.

Credit history formation

The program for improving credit history provides an opportunity to get a loan to those who have a bad or completely absent credit history. The more often you take a loan, the better the credit history, the lower the interest.

The work of our service is based on those customers who are ready to repay the loan on time. But, in case of unforeseen circumstances, if you need more time for repayment, we will consider all options and choose the best one.

Considering all the above advantages, it is obvious that online lending is a solution to many problems for those who urgently need money.


How do I know if a Cash USA Loan has been approved?

The decision to grant a loan is made automatically within a few minutes. After that, you will receive an SMS message and an email to the contact information you specified. The status of the application can also be found in your account on the company's website.

What to do if SMS message from USA Cash Loans has not arrived?

If you haven’t received an SMS message within 2-5 minutes, you need to use the option “Re-receive code” in the application form. If the problem is not resolved, write a request by e-mail, indicating your personal data or contact the company phone number.

How to extend the loan term in Cash USA Loans?

If by the day the loan term expires for some reason you are unable to repay it, our service offers you to use the extension service. Thus, you can only pay accrued interest and extend the loan term.

What is a Payday Loan USA extension?

The prolongation function is an opportunity to extend the loan terms in case the client does not have time to repay the online loan on time.

How to pay a loan from US Payday Loans?

Credit can be paid ahead of schedule or in installments. The client himself chooses whether it is convenient for him to pay the full amount, or in part. The amount to be paid can be tracked on the company's website in the Personal Account.

Can I get an online loan from Payday Loan USA if a loan is issued at another institution?

A client can get a loan from our organization if he does not go overdue on existing loan obligations.

What are the consequences of avoiding loan repayments?

Upon the expiration of the loan agreement, a penalty of 1.5% will be charged for each day of delay. If the client does not pay the loan funds and the fine imposed, his information will be transferred to collectors. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of delay, we suggest customers use the Prolongation function.

How to deactivate/delete my profile?

If for any reason you want to deactivate your profile and block access to your Personal Account, contact our support team. Then we will send you a deactivation application. Follow the instructions in the received letter and deactivation will be carried out in the absence of loan debt.

We draw your attention to the fact that after deactivating the profile, you will not be able to re-register on our website, restore your personal account and apply for a loan.

Final Thoughts

US Payday Loan is a simple and convenient service created so that you can receive money at the right time. We have one of the best online platforms that allow you to use microcredit services in the shortest possible time. We understand the importance of urgent loans and how difficult it is to find a truly reliable financial partner. We work to help you in difficult times!

Why choose US Payday Loan?

We value every customer.

Our experts consider every review left by customers. That is why it is so simple and convenient to take a loan online with us. Long-term cooperation with clients allowed us to thoroughly study the field of payday loans, so we can offer the lowest interest rate to all customers.

USA Payday Loans is profitable

Your benefit lies not only in the minimum interest rate but also in the fact that you do not have to tell your relatives and friends about personal problems, trying to borrow from them. You can take a loan online on the card, wherever you are. Get bonuses for:

  • Timely repayment of a loan online;
  • Honest reviews of our service on online sites;
  • Referred friends invited.

USA Payday Loan provides quality service.

And these are not just words. For more than half a decade, our service has won many prizes and awards. But, most importantly, we received hundreds of flattering reviews from grateful customers who trusted us.

Financial assistance from USA Cash Advance is available to everyone.

While banks require a bunch of certificates, guarantors, and collateral to consider a loan application, our service requires a minimum of documents. We give online loans to students from 18 years of age, pensioners.

We are always there and ready to help in any situation.

Getting a loan online at USA Cash Advance is as easy as placing an order in an online store. Whatever the situation, we are always happy to help with finances. We do not ask why you need the money and do not ask how you are going to give it back - we just give loan online! You are free to spend this money for any personal goals.

Round-the-clock online loan at Cash Advance USA.

Did you need to take a loan online at night, on a holiday or a weekend? Make an application at advance Cash USA! We accept applications for an online loan 24/7, 365 days a year. We are always open to you!

During our work, we learned how to hear our customers, help in difficult life situations and build trusting relationships between the company and the user.

We are not a bank! We do not require a certificate of income, guarantors and all those documents that you will have to collect to get a loan from the bank. Now you, and not the bank’s employees, choose the loan amount and repayment term. Advance Cash USA is better than a bank!

It is fast with America Advance Loan! We provide our customers with payday loans as soon as possible. You can get a loan from anywhere in the USA in just a few minutes. The entire loan procedure will take from 3 to 15 minutes.

It is reliable with us! All data about you is protected by the international standard for the protection and storage of information.

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